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Digital Voice

Advances in digital voice technology, specifically Codan’s TWELP second-generation digital voice, provide an improved voice quality using the same bandwidth, giving an experience that is similar to cellular phones. This technology helps to reduce background noise and increase in the quality of speech reproduction, therefore increasing operating range and reliability, with reduced requirement to repeat messages.

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Codan Automated Link Management (CALM)

With HF radio systems, knowing which is the best channel or frequency to use is difficult for many users. Codan has developed the Codan Automated Link Management (CALM) to remove this problem.

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CALM is a new and very advanced feature of the NGT in which the transceiver performs the channel selection operation automatically. With CALM, the process of making a call is as easy as pressing one button. The handset in most ways looks and operates like a mobile phone.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

The Codan NGT AR GPS (mobile) station provides the ability to report its position, in addition to its normal voice call, selcall, Phone call, Message call, Emergency call and optional Codan Automated Link Management (CALM) capability.
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Selective Calling (Selcall)

A selcall number is like a phone number. This means that rather than disrupting all users, you can selcall a specific station. When a call is received on a channel that is being scanned, the radio rings like a telephone. This removes the need for an operator to continuously monitor each channel. The radio can be programmed to scan several channels at any one time. Selcall is a standard feature of Codan NGTs.


Easitalk (easytalk) is a feature of NGT transceivers that removes noise and interference from incoming voice signals. Easitalk works by applying Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques to incoming voice signals. These techniques are similar to those used with digital mobile telephones and satellite telephones.
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Easitalk is simple to use because it is integrated into the transceiver - it is not in a separate unit. No tuning is required, just an on/off control.

Listening trials indicate that Easitalk outperforms other noise reduction products, and it has been successfully trialled with a wide range of languages.

AES Encryption

AES 256bit encryption option is available for Envoy transceivers with Digital Voice enabled. The secure mode is activated at the touch of a single button and provides voice privacy on all transmitted conversations. It uses a unique encryption technology, which does not require synchronisation and does not affect Digital Voice performance. AES encryption provides a high level of privacy and tactical security to suit military purposes or any commercial requirements. 

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