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Next Generation Digital Narrowband

Next Generation Digital Narrowband (NXDN™)

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NXDN™ was developed in response to the need for greater spectrum efficiency in light of the capacity issues on limited spectrum resources being experience particularly in North America, but also around the world. Designed in particular for the business and industry market, NXDN™ is a cost-effective communication method that achieves this spectrum efficiency through digitization, while maintaining the basic architecture of analog FM radio.

Kenwood Corporation and Icom Incorporated developed NXDN™ in a collaborative effort, and now the basic outline of the NXDN™ specification is completed. Both companies have released initial
products based on this spectrum efficient protocol, and the next stage is to standardize the specification and also allow other vendors to provide NXDN™ compliant products to the market to make this a true multi-vendor standard technology.



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