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9300 Automatic Tuning Whip

9300 Automatic Tuning Whip

Codan’s 9300 Automatic Tuning Whip antenna is designed for superior performance and reliability in the most demanding mobile military operations.

The 9300 antenna operates under control of intelligent adaptive matching algorithm which continuously monitors any significant variations of standing wave ratio that may be caused by weather conditions or proximity of other vehicles and automatically adjusts built-in matching circuit to VSWR 1.6:1 or less at every new transmission. This ensures that the HF transceiver is able to maximise RF output power at all times, ensuring optimum communication quality and range at all times.

The 9300 is packaged in a compact self-contained form factor and is easy to install on all type of vehicular platforms equipped with Codan HF transceivers. Installation is facilitated through wide selection of mounting brackets, installation kits and cable length options.

Download  9300 Antenna Datasheets


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