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411 Terminated Dipole Antenna

411 Terminated Dipole Antenna

 Codan's 411 Terminated Folded Dipole Antenna is a 2-wire antenna designed for broadband operation in fixed stations.

The model of 411 Antenna should be selected to suit the application depending on the required power rating and the maximum amount of available space to install it. As a general rule, the radiation efficiency of the 411 Antenna increases with antenna length so it is recommended to select the longest variant that the installation site can accommodate.

The 411 Antenna can be mounted horizontally between two support systems, or as an inverted ā€œVā€ using a single central support mast. To optimise the antenna for Near Vertical Incidence Skywave (NVIS) communication, use an inverted V configuration or adjust the installed height above ground.

The 411 Antenna is designed and manufactured with corrosion and UV resistant materials to withstand a wide range of environments.

Download 411 Terminated Folded Dipole Antenna Datasheets


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