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IPR400 S2

IPR400 S2

A 2-in-1 analog interoperability and RoIP gateway software.

The IPR400 S2 is a full featured, fast and flexible multi-channel VoIP radio interface with RoIP gateway software. It combines Voice over IP extensions for analog radio equipment and interoperability between disparate radio systems all in one.

The 4 ports of the IPR400 S2 can be linked together internally to the IPR400 S2 or with VoIP in a myriad of combinations, making the device ideal for connecting repeater sites. The gateway also features SIP connectivity for use with dispatch consoles such as RediTALK-Flex, altusomni or omnicore.

When the IPR100 is not enough, the IPR400 S2 offers isolated 4-wire E&M interfaces, multi-casting, voice activity detection, voice compression, SELCALL & DTMF signalling, encryption and RS-232 data tunnelling.

To make configuration a breeze, the IPR400 S2 now incorporates software configurable E&M signals. Using a web browser, you can configure contact, voltage or switched (power or ground) operation for both the M (PTT) outputs and the E (Busy) inputs.

PTT over Cellular (PTToC) is supported as is Remote Control over IP.

IPR 400 S2 Brochure

IPR400 S2 technical specifications


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