HF, VHF and UHF Radios for sale


From cars to semi-trailers, HF radios to Satellite phones ... Mobile Communications (QLD) Pty Ltd offers a complete range of installation services for all types of communications products and accessories we represent, just call our service department to discuss your needs.

hf-radio-4x4-river Faxmachine

In House

  • 2-Way Radio equipment
  • Mobile Satellite phones
  • Mobile Data Terminals
  • In-Vehicle GPS systems
  • In-Car kits for mobile phones


  • R.F. Control Stations
  • Base Stations
  • In-House Communications Systems


Postal Address

P. O. Box 675
Archerfield, Qld 4108 Australia


1/53 Boyland Avenue
Coopers Plains, Qld. 4108


Phone: +61 7 3373 2345

Email: sales@mcq.com.au